Open Innovation at #CNU20

Rapid-fire, open topic presentations with faces new and old from an open call for proposals:

In Room 1J during all Friday and Saturday breakouts.

Friday, May 11th, 2012:

10:30am | From Balanced Roads to Transit Oriented Development
– Incorporating Feeling and Habit into Bicycling Advocacy

– Old World’s Multimodal Design = New World’s Complete Streets

– Not your Grandfather’s DOT: How FDOT is taking Multi-Modal Planning to the Next Level
– Tracks to TOD in Somerville: One Community’s Approach to TOD Planning
– Fare-Free Transit
– Urban Mobility Generation: A traveler transportation hierarchy2pm | Resilience and Adaptation 

– Acting Local for long term impact and progress | Transition, Resiliency and Descent Planning
– Climate Adaptation Strategies
– Getting Real about Sustainability; Building Resiliency with Living Infrastructure
– Bahia Muyuyo Project

3:45pm Growing “In” in the 21st Century: Incremental growth patterns

– Stations as Places
– The charrette process: Architectural preferences
– Generative Pattern Languages and Incremental Infrastructure for real places
– Woonerf: A New Neighborhood of Shared, Living Streets
– Radical Radial – Re-Urbanization of Main Streets! An European approach
– Grids, Plats & Codes – a proposal for Cities as Master Developers in the 21st century
– The Next Urbanism – New Urbanism Responding to the 21st Century

Saturday, May 12th, 2012:

10:45am Tactical Urbanism, Economics and Community
– Tactical Urbanism Workshop
– The Importance of Local Infrastructure Financing
– Economic Incentives to Reduce Sprawl
– Killing the Civic Inferiority Complex
– Randall Anway – Deep Placemaking

2pm Across the Transect: From Historic Preservation to Composting

– Preservation and Urbanism
– The Trashy Transect: Composting in Miami through Miami 21
– Geeks and Grounders: High and Low Tech Transect Analysis
– Coding in the Galapagos Islands: Balancing Nature and People
3:45pm Sprawl Repair and Infill: From Incremental to Wetrofit to Agriculture

– Growing Outside of the Box
– Single Family Residences in for-rent Developments and Small Home Design
– Incremental Sprawl Repair
– Steve Mouzon’s Newest Idea
– Wetrofit Service

For questions or feedback about the Open Innovation Track, please email


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